Friday 27 July 2012

Edy Ferguson

Edy Ferguson, Selected Works 1993-present,  at the Pireos annex of the Benaki Museum.

On the second floor, so a good opportunity to walk on the ramp again

Edy Ferguson was born in Chicago and now divides her time between London, New York and Athens.

This exhibition was fun. There were installations, paintings, drawings and video. There was music being played in each area of the exhibition, starting with

Hey Jude, 1993 which was played from every single speaker on this wall

We Can All Agree, 1997. (Installation with sound and wall mural - Nirvana, Lithium - Bikini Kill, Feels Blind)

lots of cushions on the floor in every exhibition room

She's Trying to Disappear, 1998-2012

with scenes from the resistance in Athens last year

Untitled, 2003.

I loved the idea of this painting, the way her face is being stretched, melting into the glass

Travolta Sorry, 2009

Janis, 2002

Anita Pallenberg, 2003

The Greek Protester (Eau de Vie), 2010

a closer look

Baby, Baby, 2009

Nine screens, with the Supremes singing, juxtaposed with the fight between Cassius Clay and Sonny Liston.


  1. It looks like an interesting exhibition Eirene. I like the abstract portraits.

  2. It was fun while we were there.