Saturday 22 September 2012

A way forward

My spirits lifted last night while watching the news - a rare occurence these days in the land of austerity.

People with three or more children were demonstrating outside the Ministry of Finance, protesting against cuts in their benefits. Members of the neo-Nazi party went to join them but the protesters were not having it. 'Out, out, fascists out. We don't want fascism here. We fought a long battle against fascism'  were some of the slogans the demonstrators were shouting. They were joined by Manolis Glezos, SY.RIZ.A MP and hero of the resistance against the Germans who, at the age of 19 climbed the Acropolis, took down the Swastika and replaced it with the Greek flag.

A neo-Nazi MP turned to the media and started giving an interview, but no-one could hear a thing, as all the demonstrators started blowing whistles. The sound of the whistles drowned the words of the thug, who had to give up.

A perfect example of peaceful resistance that works and a way forward....

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