Tuesday 4 September 2012

Sunset in Folegandros


I asked the owner/manager of our hotel in Folegandros to recommend a place where we could go and look at the dramatic landscape of the island while having our pre-dinner drinks, and he suggested we go to the bar of the Aria hotel,  which is on the edge of the cliff.

The times we spent there were probably the best of our stay in Folegandros. We would arrive at approx. 7:15, and two ouzos each later, leave at around 9:00, ready for our evening meal.

All the lights are on in this village on top of that mountain, which I think might be even higher than the Hora.

I found the drama of this landscape totally overwhelming.

These dry stone walls that have been so lovingly and painstakingly built to prevent soil erosion, look almost surreal to me

and are to be found all over the island

As I said in a previous post the sea was very calm and still on Monday night

and it was misty. What this scene reminds me of is a film by Werner Herzog I saw a long time ago - it might have been called Heart of Glass, and there is a scene in it, very much like this, and the boy and the man are rowing through the rocky islands and I remember it so clearly, the dreaminess and the mystery of it

two more photographs because I cannot help myself....



  1. What beautiful sunsets. It would be nice to be sitting overlooking it from a terrace with a cool glass of wine. Alas....!