Sunday 14 October 2012

Ceramics and stuff


The Stour Gallery in Shipston-on-Stour. I went in search of ceramics but liked some of the pictures too.

Peter Hayes

I really like the new direction Peter Hayes' work has taken in the last two years - some of it is stunning.

Peter Hayes

Peter Hayes and a bowl by Claire Conrad in the window.

They really need to do something about the curtain material stuff that is to be found everywhere. The shop that sells such stunning modern works of art looks like an old fashioned tea shop

see what I mean? This needs to be a modern gallery setting. All that fabric needs to be got rid of, as a first step... and then some more.

John Ward

John Ward

Every time I see one of John Ward's ceramics I get the same sense of wonderment I did the first time I saw one of his pieces - they are exquisite

and a new departure for John Ward - I think.

Peter Wills

and a different view

Peter Wills

His bowls are always perfect.

                                                           *  *  *

I really liked Michelle Griffiths work so here are some examples:

Louise Bourgeois Was Here, (mixed media on gesso panel)

Lines of Sight (mixed media on gesso panel)

Marina (mixed media on gesso panel)

Wall Fragment with GLP (mixed media)

Poros Wall Fragment (mixed media on canvas)

A Star to Steer Her By, (mixed media on gesso panel)

Cradle to Grave (mixed media on gesso panel).


  1. I really like the sculptures by Peter Hayes (reminds me a little of some Henry Moore's) and the pieces by Michelle Griffiths. I'll have to find out more about their work

    1. Peter Hayes' new work is really exciting. I am going to the Oxford Ceramics Fair at the end of the month and hope there might be more of his work there. As for Michelle Griffiths, it was such a pleasant surprise! The texture of the pictures reminded me of ceramic, but it says mixed media on the tag and the gallery owner assured me it was not ceramic. Very interesting though.