Monday 15 October 2012

The locks at Lapworth

The canal between Warwick and Stratford. We went for a walk, starting at Lapworth. Lots of locks on this stretch of the canal.

A lot of the lockkepers' cottages have rounded  roofs because the craftsmen who built the house were so used to constructing barrel-vaulted bridges that they used the same technique for the cottage roof. This is a unique feature of the South Stratford arm.

View from the bridge

waiting at the lock

another cottage - no vaulted roof this time.

Not many people on the path which suited us fine


getting closer.

All the metal bridges along the South Stratford are split bridges. This allowed the towrope between boat and horse to be slipped through the gap without slowing their journey

and here's another one where it is easier to see the split

a calm day and the reflections are superb

another cottage, another rounded roof

an old sign

this is my favourite bit of this stretch of the canal

I love the way the beam of light shoots down like an arrow into the water

another cottage

basking in the sun

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