Tuesday 13 November 2012

Jean-Luc Moulene


Jean-Luc Moulene

at Modern Art Oxford.

La Fontaine des Amoureux, 2006.

A burst water pipe and fallen cherry blossom petals accidentally create concentric circles on the pavement.

Etoile Noir

Monochrome works made with the ink of standard BIC pens.

The ink is applied with a palette knife to a carefully prepared wooden panel, and creates an iridescent surface.

'I don't trust blue, it is hiding something, and it recedes. Red comes forward; and there's yellow which when it's too rotten can easily turn into neon or bleach'.

An installation of sculptural knots made from blown glass and cast bronze which extend across the gallery floor in a systematic grid.

'The bronze knots are expired, whereas the glass knots are inspired'.

The twelve transparent pieces are variations on the first five classes of knots, according to the standard system of knot classification.

The bronze knots are cast using the lost wax process and are made by tying large knots through clay; they mark the interior space of a knot that usually remains invisible.
The two pieces in coloured glass form the Borrowmean knots, where three rings are linked together; no two of the three rings are linked on their own, but together all three are linked.

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