Wednesday 30 October 2013

Iron: Man

Iron: Man, by Anthony Gormley, in Victoria Square, Birmingham.

A 6m tall, leaning man whose feet are sunk in the ground. The statue represents the traditional skills of Birmingham and the Black Country practised during the Industrial Revolution.

Many hated it when it was first erected in 1993, but it has now come to represent the city.



  1. I love this sculpture, as I do the Angel of the North, and in fact most of Gormley's work. I find that he seems to capture so well within one figure what an area's history represents. I love the markings down the middle of the torso on this one.

    1. I love his work too. We went to visit Another Place in Crosby recently, and it was quite an experience. I also remember the exhibition at the Hayward a few years ago and that was quite stunning. A great artist.