Thursday 10 October 2013

Municipal Gallery

Athens Municipal Gallery in Metaxourgheio.

An exhibition of some of the works in their permanent collection.  Greek paintings of the middle of the 20th century - paintings that have a strong Greek identity but where the influence of the major art movements of the century are in evidence.

The Model and his Reflection, Perikles Byzantios (1893-1972),  (oil on canvas)

Santorini, Lykourgos Kogevinas, (1897-1940), (oil on canvas)


The Last Rehearsal, Theofrastos Triandafyllidis, (1881-1955), (oil on canvas)

The Old Egg-Seller, Emmanuel Zaires, (1876-1948), (oil on canvas)
The influence of Impressionism is clear, particularly in the background.

Tarantella, Stavros Papapanagiotou, (1895-1955), 1936 (oil on canvas)

After the Rain, Michael Economou, (1888 - 1933) (oil on canvas)

Street in Paris, Gerasimos Vokos (1868 - 1972), oil on canvas)

Santorini, Yannis Mitarakis (1898-1963), oil on canvas

Miss T.K., Yannis Mitarakis (1898-1963) (oil on canvas)

Mother with Child, Celeste Polychroniadi, (1904-1985), (tempera)

Resting Girl, Kostas Iliadis, (1903-1991), (oil on canvas)

Jeannette, Yannis Maltezos, (1915-1987), (oil on canvas)

Castle in Kythera, Ioannis Spyliopoulos (1906-1975), (oil on canvas)

In the Country, Kostas Thettalos, (1909-1992), (oil on canvas)
Manet's influence very clear here.

Imaginary Space, Giorgos Vakalo(poulos), (1902-1991(, (oil on canvas)

Jug, Rea Leontaritou, (1912-1992), (oil on canvas)

Girl at the Window, Aglaia Pappa, (1904-1984), (oil on canvas)

The Artist's Studio, Iphigenia Lagana, (1915-2002), (oil on canvas)

Orphee and Eurydice, Gerassimos Steris (1898-1987), (oil on canvas)

Work, Gerassimos Steris (1898-1987) (oil on canvas)

Road in Agiassos, Spyros Papaloukas (1892-1957), (oil on canvas) 

Landscape of Eressos, Takis Elefteriades, (1911-1987), (oil on canvas). 


  1. Bruegel too in the Thettalos painting?

    1. When I saw the Thettalos painting, I immediately thought of Manet and the painting of modern life, and especially 'Music in the Tuilleries Gardens'. But, you could be right, Avril.

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  3. Thank you so much for your kind words