Friday 9 May 2014

Rodin Moore at Compton Verney - in the galleries


Moore and Rodin

at Compton Verney, Warwickshire.

A large part of the exhibition was in the grounds which you can see here. But there were also five gallery rooms full of sculpture and drawings. This is a very small selection.

Auguste Rodin, The Gates of Hell, 1881-82 (bronze)

Seeing this sculpture again reminded me of Rodin - the Boris Eifman ballet we went to see in Athens, which you can see here.

  Working Model for Mother and Child: Upright, Henry Moore, 1978  (image from here)
The Danaid, Auguste Rodin, 1885, (image taken from here)
Mother and Child among Underground Sleepers, 1941.

Working Model for Locking Piece, Moore, 1962 (bronze)

'I was playing with two pebbles which I found like that and somehow or other they got locked together and I couldn't get them undone and I wondered how they got into position and it was like a clenched fist...Anyhow, eventually I did get it to [separate]; by turning and lifting, one piece came off the other. This gave one the idea of making two forms which would do that and later I called it 'Locking Piece''.

Head, Henry Moore, 1984.
This is the last head that Moore produced. I had not seen it before, and I love it.


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