Saturday 10 May 2014

Spring in Coughton Court

Last weekend we went to Coughton Court, a National Trust property, to walk in the gardens and enjoy a wonderful spring day. We headed straight for the nearby woodland, the Wild Wood of Arden, which is thought to be a surviving area of the ancient Forest of Arden which Shakespeare used for the setting of  'As You Like It'.

It's the best time of year to visit as the floor is covered with a thick carpet of bluebells

A real treat - they look wonderful and the scent is heavenly

It's a real pleasure but a short one as the wood is not very large 


but nevertheless, a wonderful experience.

We then walked back to the grounds of the house and entered the Walled Garden

This is a wonderful time of year for tulip lovers

and this lot did not disappoint.  

Lots of other flowers as well,

but the different varieties of tulip were the greatest joy

they were everywhere - including around this fountain

We also wanted to look at the wisteria trees

and we were very surprised to see that they have not flowered yet

The walk around the lake was delightful

When we entered the orchard a surprise was awaiting us - rows and rows of tulips

You can pick your own and pay in the shop so this is what we did

Another delight was the newborn lambs

some were resting

and some came near to greet us. 
We then walked along the stream because we knew that the wild garlic would be in flower

as with the bluebells, the scent was overpowering

looking closer

Next stop, the bog garden

and left the vegetable garden last - the artichokes are doing very well.


  1. Eirene, what a delight this garden is - it is not one I know. The harebells were just coming out in Sutherland, and I'm astonished to see them still blooming as shown. I am also, like you, surprised that the standard wisterias are not blooming. Ours was in full spectacle just as we left. It will be interesting to see if it is completely over when we are finally home tomorrow.
    Your showing the wild garlic has encouraged me to carry out my plan to plant a mass of them behind some shrubs. Having seen lots of unadulterated (well near as dammit) landscape I must settle down to visiting some gardens - after wrestling with the mountains of washing! Thank you for this post.

    1. Ahhh! The washing.... the nightmare after a holiday....

      We go to Coughton Court in the spring every year, for the bluebells, the wisteria and the wild garlic. The wisteria all around our area are in full bloom, so I don't understand why theirs are so late. As for wild garlic - go for it. It's a real delight. I just love it.