Sunday 15 June 2014

Leamington Peace Festival

Leamington Peace Festival, June 14-15.

The Peace Festival is a long-standing Leamington institution


It's very different to what it used to be however:

all kinds of groups used to have stalls and I always took an active part.


All the political groups I used to be involved in would have a stall and we would be there all day both days, giving out leaflets, asking people to sign petitions, and generally talking to people


A few years ago the organisers decided that they would not allow political groups anymore, so now the whole flavour of the festival is very different
it's all very New Age, peace and love, with stalls about meditation, crystals, lots of religious groups - there were some religions represented that I had not even heard of
textiles, jewellery,

Wool against Weapons.

A few political ones managed to creep in this year: against zero-contract hours


Amnesty were there


Justice for Palestinians. The Israeli Defence Force Checkpoint was ingeneous: I watched kids being frisked before going in and thought it was a wonderful idea


and I loved the banner: To Exist is to Resist

Lots of bands and entertainment - this group were particularly good

Lots of tents selling food


we chose Thai street food which was delicious

We were intrigued by all those people on the bridge and went to investigate

 lots of boats and this lot were water bombing the people on the bridge.

It was a hot, sunny day

so all was well.



  1. Our Thai food was disappointing, but elsewhere the rhubarb and custard toasties were delicious

    1. Welcome back, nehoC, glad you are able to post comments again. Sorry you did not enjoy the Thai food, we really liked it, but then we have a penchant for Thai food. Did not come across rhubarb and custard toasties, which sound very yummy, but the brownies from Sweet as You Like, compensated for that.

      Hope you enjoyed the Peace Festival.