Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Var and central Buda

We crossed the bridge to get to the Var (Castle Hill) in Buda, a 1500m plateau with bastions, mansions and a huge palace which dominates the area, making this stretch of the river one of the grandest, loveliest urban waterfronts in Europe.

Looking across, we could see Parliament on the Pest side

Once we arrived at the Royal Palace, the bridge looked spectacular


one more view


We were intrigued by these figures in front of the palace

We left the Royal Palace and started wandering the streets, liking this fountain

Matyas Church


Fishermen's Bastion, an undulating white rampart of cloisters and stairways with seven tent-like turrets, designed by Schulek as a foil to the Matyas Church.


The views are fantastic


you can see Pest and Parliament on the left

The Royal Palace and Matyas Church were full of tourists, mainly groups, too many, so we moved on to the quieter streets where the architecture did not disappoint

It's very different from Pest, but very pleasing. One of the most notable differences is that the buildings are quite low - most of them are 2 or 3-storey


grand doorways abound


in different styles

The buildings are painted in different colours


and behind the mostly closed heavy doors, are courtyards to be found. This one was open so I ventured in


this garden was gorgeous

The building was being renovated and one of the workmen invited me inside one of the dwellings - the entrance is grand indeed, as is the stairway


After the cacophony of the tours and their guides, wandering around the quiet streets was bliss

and we really enjoyed looking at the various buildings

each house has its own particular detail

I was particularly intrigued by the first-floor windows of this building - they are bay windows, but only the glass

you can see what I mean here

I particularly liked this, the Mary Magdalene Tower

which is situated in this small square of ruins

We then walked to the edge of the hill which afforded great views of the Buda hills

some of the buildings are very ornate


We were able to walk in here and have a look at the courtyard


the floor, those white glass double doors, the vaulted ceiling....


the courtyard is surrounded by dwellings - I particularly liked the round tower

and thought this door was cute


Ornate, yet simple

most of the architecture in Buda of similar style, but each house very different


I loved the post boxes and their pedestals

nice bay window in the corner

an unusual balcony

Most houses in Buda had these windows on the roofs - are they windows, or just ventilation outlets? I do not know



  1. Me again:) Just remembered a website that you may be interested in seeing. You do not need to speak Hungarian just click on "diavetites" (slide show) or "galeria" (gallery) in the top bar.

    1. Thank you for the link, Polyak - I enjoyed looking at the photographs and thinking 'ah I know this, I've been there....'. And it's so cleverly done, the superimposing of the old on the new. Lovely.