Thursday 9 October 2014

Two kinds of nature, Diane Katsiaficas

Two Kinds of Nature, Diane Katsiaficas at Ekfrasi Gallery in Athens.
'I am a visual storyteller, drawn to stories and places that resonate with social conscience and responsible practice. Each of us is the product of our heritage and our surroundings, of our history and our emotions. Artists are the mirrors of those experiences. We serve as observers, viewers, editors, and translators of complex social issues.
Small drawings have always been for me a means to either document a place, an experience or an idea. What lies beneath the surface of a retelling of details or events? Drawing 'in an expanded sense' with a laser cutter and a digital sewing machine has provided infinite possibilities for examining layers of meaning and realising works that are complete works in themselves or intermediate stages in the process of asking 'what if?''
Drawings with a laser cutter: 









Drawings and paintings:




  1. Thank you for the introduction to this fascinating artist!

    1. It was a very pleasing discovery Olga. Fascinating is the right word.