Thursday 27 November 2014

Manchester Central Library

Manchester Central Library, facing St Peter's square, was designed by E. Vincent Harris and was constructed between 1930 and 1934.

The library is a round building fronted by a large two-storey portico which forms the main entrance on St Peter's square, and is surrounded by five bays of Corinthian columns.
A bench lit from below outside the library - what a great idea

The main entrance as seen from the first floor


A comfortable, informal seating area on the first floor which leads to

the stunning Wolfson Reading Room, which is topped by a spectacular dome. Much of the original furniture designed by the architect can be seen in this room. The library has an extensive collection of the works of Elizabeth Gaskell.

The clock in the middle of the room is very impressive
as are the columns all around the circular room.

Having visited the Wolfson Reading Room we walked along this corridor

and ended up in the music library and were surprised to hear music

there are instruments in quite a few of these alcoves and people were making use of them - how civilised is that?

We then took the very modern, glass lift downstairs where

in the main desk area a group of dancers were performing as part of the Everything, Everything Presents Chaos to Order event.


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