Wednesday 19 November 2014

The Secret Garden

During our recent visit to Blenheim Palace we walked around the secret garden, my favourite part of the grounds, and one of my favourite gardens. It's located to the left of this avenue and the contrast between the open spaces that surround it, and it's enclosed loveliness is a real treat.


A narrow entrance with this statue on the left

and this one on the right.

Small, narrow paths


winding all around the garden,

lots of autumn colour this time of year,



lots of water

in the form of small pools

and the small canals that connect the pools,


more fish,

a small cascade,

the sound of running water throughout the garden,

a delightful small bridge,
in various colours,
to sit and admire and contemplate,

tall, majestic trees,
the thoughtful placing of plants,
are some of the ingredients that make this garden so special.


Ai Weiwei's installations were an added bonus this time

Waterdrop, 2009


Rock, 2009

Oil Spills, 2006

looking closer

This garden is a real delight.


Out in the large open space again after the garden's enclosed secrets

while in the distance we could see Ai Weiwei's Bubble, 2008.


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