Monday, 27 April 2015

A riot of colour


Lush. Lush and luxuriant. Such pleasure in taking all of this in. Greece was green too, always is in spring, with gorgeous wild flowers, but this is totally different. Wonderful.

I am in the Mill Gardens looking across the river.

I then cross the bridge and enter Jephson Gardens. This small wall is new and the flowers look lovely.

I then reach the gate on Wills Road, where the rockery looks glorious

and oh! the tulips standing erect and proud.

Tai chi in the park

so much colour....

This is another new section. They were working on it when we left, and it's still work in progress

such wonderful contrast of colours.

More tulips further down the path

looking closer at the glorious red

This is the central display of the Gardens. Very colourful, not so much to my liking, too formal, but the colours are magnificent nevertheless

but I do like the less 'intense' beds

particularly these white ones.

An abundance of tulips

my favourite flowers

lots of hellebores

cherry blossom

looking closer

and I have reached the gates that are opposite the Pump Rooms

with a riot of colour

on either side.

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