Thursday 7 May 2015


At last, the path that leads to Milverton is dry! 

I can see Guy's Cliffe house in the distance

zooming in

On my right, the path that leads to St James' church

but I continue straight ahead as I want to get to Saxon Mill


over the bridge, Saxon Mill at the end of it

standing on the bridge, 

the reflections in the water are mesmerising

on my left, the weir,


and the ruined house which is very near me now,  just across from the river


I leave the bridge and get a better view of the weir


it's early morning and the restaurant is still closed


lush vegetation almost hides the ruins


I retrace my steps but take a different path that will take me to

St James' Church in Milverton

a circular walk, and I'm on yet another path, on my way back home.



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    1. It's near and it's very pleasant - what else could anyone want?