Sunday, 3 May 2015

Ryton Woods

Ryton Wood is very near where we live and it's a delight this time of year. It's Warwickshire's largest surviving semi-natural ancient woodland and it covers over 8 hectares - you can get lost in there, believe me, I know.

They reckon that at least part of Ryton Wood dates back to the 11th century and that it may have been wooded since the last ice age.

We were hoping to see the bluebells which cover vast areas in this wood. But straightaway, on entering, we realised it was too soon. Odd, given that the bluebells in the Wild Wood of Arden are in full bloom.
Some are starting to come up but we will have to wait another two weeks before they're at their best.

But it did not matter. We enjoyed our walk enormously.

Other wild flowers lined the footpaths

some white


and some this very fetching lilac/pink.

We walked for an hour and a half, and covered a small fraction of the area of the wood

looking up

and again.

We came upon another patch of bluebells but will have to wait a while to see them in their full glory.



  1. It is fascinating how microclimates work. I love the wood anemonies you have photographed. The ones down here in Hampshire are all over now, although the bluebells are at different stages from place to place.

    1. It's so true, Olga. Only a few miles between the two woods, but the difference is amazing. I am looking forward to visiting when the bluebells are in full bloom. As for the wood anemonies, yes, absolutely gorgeous.