Thursday, 3 September 2015

Johan Strindberg, Fotografiska Museet, Stockholm


Johan Strindberg, Young Nordic Photographer of the Year 2014

at Photografiska Museet, Stockholm.
Mysterious, compelling, suggestive, a blend of the real and the imaginary, Johan Strindberg's photographs are compelling.  He captures moments from everyday life and transforms them into a mysterious and magical world.
He rarely uses any of the modern technology available in the world of photography. 'I do not do very much on the computer with the images and hardly any retouching at all. I work with the photos in different ways, for example, taking a photo of a particular photo and use different light, or I shake the camera to get different effects on the image.
'I am experimenting with metal plates. I started when I found one while I was gardening, buried in the ground. Now I buy them at flea markets. I paste photographs on them and go through a process where I wash them and rub off the paper to reveal the images on the plate. The deformities of the metal plates add to the look of the final picture. This is also something I am able to experiment with at home now that I have a little baby in my life'.   Ahhhh!







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