Thursday 24 September 2015

The Hora in Serifos at night

The weather changed on the fourth day of our stay in Serifos and it got very windy. It was impossible to go swimming or sit by the seafront in Livadi. In the evening we thought it might be a good idea to go to the Hora for our evening meal as we thought that the narrow streets would provide some shelter from the wind.

We were wrong.

The wind raced and whistled through the narrow streets

and the place was deserted. The locals must have stayed at home, and the tourists? I don't know ,,, We wandered through the empty, mostly dark streets

it looks like snow, does it not?

The shops were open

as were the bars - but no customers. It was a wild night

We did some window shopping.

This is Petra: it sells jewellery


but I was taken by the minimalist ceramic sculptures that the shop owner used to display the jewellery. I asked her who the artist was, but she could not remember his name

Another thing I loved about Serifos is the chimneys - they all have a similar design, but each is different.

We went up these steps heading for the square where I remembered we'd had a meal last time we visited Serifos


we turned a corner, and there it was

magnificent in its emptiness

last time we'd been here, it was buzzing with life

The neoclassical town hall presides over the square

and next to it is this church

interesting shadows on the walls

and more

we browsed in this shop that sells clothes

but again, I was taken by the ceramics - they were not for sale. They're quite old, bequeathed to the owner by her grandparents

I loved the wildness of the night, the isolation, (there is a house just outside Hora that is named Wuthering Heights: it seemed very appropriate that night) but Ken did not. He wanted to go back to Livadi

So, we retraced our steps


Stopped here to buy some spoon sweets

and took the bus back to Livadi where we sat on a sheltered terrace and had our meal.


  1. It looks so beautiful in that light.

    1. We rarely see photographs of these Cycladic villages at night, Avril. And you're right, it is beautiful.