Saturday 12 March 2016

Martin Brewster

Martin Brewster at Waterhouse and Dodd, Albermarle Street, London.

Experiencing Martin Brewster's life-affirming, vibrant paintings was a real pleasure. I was drawn by those wonderful blues, but then found that I equally liked the paintings with the more muted colours. His work reminds me of William Scott's work, a painter who has been a favourite of mine for a long time now.

Martin Brewster creates paintings, prints and drawings based on abstract and landscape themes. Through the application of layers of vibrant colour different places, moods and sensations are evoked. He lives and works in Dorset. 

A recurring motif is the square, which Brewster says is 'a device that I have used all my life and which now underpins work which is much softer'. Dissatisfied with the flatness of acrylic he has started adding collage. The colours are in most cases strong: vibrant reds or dark luminous blues.
The sense of light and space that he experiences living on the edge of the sea is reflected in the paintings, particularly evident in the 'Coastal light' series.

Evening Coast 2, (acrylic and collage on canvas)

looking closer

 looking closer

Deep Water (acrylic and collage on canvas)

Into the Light, (acrylic and collage on canvas)

Winter Day 2, (oil on canvas)

To the Sea, (acrylic and collage on canvas)

Last Light, (acrylic and collage on canvas)

The White Boat, (acrylic and collage on canvas)

Into the Light 1, (acrylic and collage on canvas)

Coastline Evening (acrylic and collage on canvas)

Blue Harbour (acrylic on canvas)

Evening Walk, (acrylic and collage on canvas)

Coastline 1, (acrylic and collage on canvas)

Seascape series 36 (oil on canvas)

Winter Skies, (oil on canvas)

Evening Coast 1, (acrylic and collage on canvas)

Winter Day series, study no. 6, (acrylic and ink on board)



  1. I have been an admirer of Martyn Brewster's prints and paintings for many years. These look good with all the light in them. Your post has made me want to go and look again at my book on David Blackburn's pastels of which these remind me.

    1. David Blackburn - of course! I knew that they not only reminded me of William Scott's work, but of someone else's as well. Thanks for this - it's been nagging at me. Olga, I loved those blues! Visiting the gallery was such an uplifting experience.