Friday 23 September 2016

Dining with views

On Tuesday we were celebrating my brother-in-laws namesday so we decided to do it in style and had dinner at The Zillers rooftop restaurant. The Zillers, a boutique hotel of just 10 rooms opened in May this year. Situated on Metropoleos Street in Athens, the neoclassical building was designed by Ernst Ziller, the architect who in the 19th century changed the face of Athens. He designed 500 splendid buildings in Greece, most of them in Athens. He is referred to as 'the poet of modernism in classical architecture'.

The photograph I took of the exterior of the building did not come out right so unfortunately, no photo. We liked the simplicity of the entrance hall

and the oak staircase.

We took the lift to the third floor, walked onto the terrace, and this is what we saw - a show-stopping view of the Acropolis in all its lit glory.

We also had excellent views of the Metropolis, the Athens cathedral.

The roof-top area is small, all the tables were occupied, the food was good and we just couldn't get enough of the views.

It was a great evening.

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