Friday 2 September 2016

Varnevo in Korinthia

On the morning of our second full day in Korinthia we left Ano Trikala and started the long drive up to Varnevo, one of the peaks of the Ziria mountains. It was a steep climb and every so often we would come across these snow markers which gave us an idea of how deep the snow can get here in winter.

We liked this rock that is so much like a sculpture


We then we got to this snow marker that Ken had tied a ribbon on to indicate how far up the mountain he walked every morning. The odometer showed 6 kilometres which means he walked 12 kilometres every morning - he would get back to our guesthouse just as I was waking up. He was deservedly very proud of what he achieved every day and decided to pose next to the indicator of his achievement.

Our first stop was the plateau at the top of the Ziria mountain, 2,080  metres above sea level. It's very popular with skiers in the winter

this is the ski slope - there are two pistes one for advanced skiers and one for beginners.

There are two ski lifts

A small chalet serves as a restaurant and resting place for the skiers.

At the end of August every year there is a three-day music festival and people arrive from every part of Greece to listen to bands, to do tai chi and all the other things people do during festivals these days.

I have never come across this plant before, but they were everywhere

We were surrounded by mountains

and we enjoyed the views.

We got back in the car and started our descent - our next stop was the observatory

of the Mountain Fire Rescue Service - CCVT cameras everywhere.

We had 360 degree views


we could even see the sea, the same view we enjoyed from the terrace of our guest house

the Ziria mountain range, the Corinthian gulf and in the distance, the mainland

we could also see Trikala, the village where we were staying

zooming in


Our next stop was the convent of St Vlasios, but this is the subject of the next post.


  1. The views are fantastic, as ever. I can smell the air from your photos.
    The plant looks like a verbascum or mullein.

    1. Thanks for the information, Olga. I googled both verbascum and mullein and they really do look very similar - it's hard to tell but probably mullein. Now I know.

    2. They are both names of the same plant. Your photo looked like a seedling which will flower next year.

    3. Ah! Now I understand. Thank you.

  2. Looks amazing. I look forward to reading of the heavenly peace you found!