Monday 23 January 2017

Athens Glyptotheque

Athens Glyptotheque, Alsos Stratou in Goudi, Athens.

Established in 2004, the museum houses a permanent collection of Greek sculpture from the 19th and 20th centuries. It's based in two buildings of the former royal stables and a surrounding area of 6,500 m2.

The Glyptotheque is situated in the northern suburbs of Athens, and because we live in the southern suburbs, we had to take a bus and then the metro to get there. We took the metro in Syntagma

and after what seemed like a few minutes we arrived at Katehaki where Angst, an installation by Vasso Peklari (knitted forms with copper) adorned the station.

 Outside the metro station, Santiago Calatrava's pedestrian bridge dominated, soaring into the sky.

An unpleasant walk along a very busy avenue led us to the peace and serenity of the park that is full of sculptures.

Ioannis Avramidis, Temple-Olympeion (small model), (bronze), 1963-74

Dimitris Konstantinou, Genesis, 1985 (bronze)

Bella Raftopoulou, Couple, 1976, (stone)

looking closer

Theodoros Papayannis, Erotic Scene, 1979

Theodoros Papayannis, Nest, 2003 (steel, cement)

looking closer

Dionyssios Gerolymatos, The Stone of Patience, 1970, (kapandriti stone)

Ioannis Avramidis, Polis, 1965-68, (bronze)

Kostas, Koulentianos, Abstract, 1974, (iron)

Theodoros (Papadimetriou), Twelve-Ray Spoked Wheel on Cables Counterbalanced by a Sphere, 1993, (stainless steel and wire)

Yannis Gaitis, Mass Transport or General Transport, 1984, (iron and paint)

 Gerasimos Sklavos, La Passante, 1965, (marble)

Yannis Gaitis, Yellow Heads, 1984, (aluminium, iron)

Yannis Gaitis, Black Heads, 1984, (aluminium, iron)

Giorgos Zongolopoulos, The Dance of Zalongo, 1953, (bronze)

Dionysis Gerolymatos, Recycling, 1983, (marble)

Giorgos Lambrou, Little Men Tightly Clasped, 1982, (bronze)

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