Sunday 7 April 2019

Open 2019

Open 2019: a showcase for artists based in the West Midlands

at Leamington Art Gallery.

I was somewhat disappointed with the Open exhibition this year. To begin with, the leaflets advertising the exhibition promised us a quilt by Annabel Rainbow which is not there.  (You can see some of Rainbow's work here ). Furthermore, the work of Wendy Campbell-Briggs which is featured on the exhibition poster is not to be seen either. 

Wendy Campbell-Briggs and Corinna Spencer, Extinct (ceramic, American oak, paper)

looking closer

Tim Florence, Purple Haze, (Giclée print from an ink on paper original)

Kathy Webster, Samuel's paintbrush, (acrylic) 

Janet Tryner, A Few Rough Hands... Garden Brush, (plaster of Paris, wood, string, brick)

Tanya De Lange, 7 Miles of Solitude - 2, (medium format film print)

DJ, Newgale, (oil on canvas)

John Martin, Blue Ladderway, (mixed media linocut)

 Robert Page, The First Time that you Kissed me, (bronze resin on Ancaster stone)

Jo Lewis, One Way Ticket, (photograph)

Lizzie Cariss, Freight Train 2, (oil on canvas)

John Murphy, Landing Place, (oil on linen)

Jenny Chan, Divas Wall Masks, (ceramic)

looking closer

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  1. Wendy Campbell Brigg's work was last year's winner; I assume they had to get the posters out before the shortlisting for this year. The quilt was also last year's people vote winner I think. Surprised you didn't include this year's winner in your photographs!! It has caused so much comment of the "My kids make those" variety!