Wednesday 10 April 2019

Stratford gallery - Spring 2019

Another ceramics exhibition at the Stratford Gallery.

Alison Coaten:

A pity about the stag's head on this sculpture as I really liked the


Jack Doherty:

Doherty's vessels are thrown and soda-fired. The thin layer of liquid porcelain that is applied on the surface has copper carbonate added as the single colouring material. Only one firing is required. Soda firing involves missing sodium bicarbonate with water, which is then sprayed into the kiln during firing at high temperature. The resulting vapour is drawn through the kiln chamber where it reacts with the silica and alumina present in the clay, creating this rich patina of surface texture and colour.

Mitch Iburg:

Joseph Ludkin:

Peter Wills:

Eddie Curtis:

Victoria Eden:

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