Thursday 17 October 2019

Kamini in Hydra

It's got dark and we leave the town of Hydra behind us to go to Kamini, a district of the town, but we are taking the coastal path

The first part of the route is lit by street lights

the old windmill on our left

the sea on our right

we reach a taverna that is in the middle of nowhere

the odd streetlight lights our way, but on the way back, it's going to be pitch black, and we wouldn't be able to make it without the torch we carry with us, particularly since the cobblestones are uneven

we reach the beginning of the settlement of Kamini

this taverna is always empty in the evenings but one lunchtime when we tried to eat here there were no tables available

we continue on our way and reach Kondylenias, our favourite taverna in Hydra

it's all lit up, but this is not where we sit. We prefer the few tables that are set up on the coastal path.

It's fairly dark here and in front of us the sea is black, but we can see the lights of the Peloponnese across the water

and on our left, the little harbour that services this area of Hydra

It is very peaceful here. We like the quiet, the huge expanse of the sea in front us, lit up by the occasional water taxi that zoomes along.

There is another way to reach Kamini which is walking through the town, climbing up and further up the hill. We did this on the fourth day of our stay. It was so windy that there were no boats to take us to a beach, and swimming in the town because of  the rocks would have been unpleasant, so we decided to have a day of sightseeing.

A lot of steps

and we finally arrived at the Lazaros Koundouriotis Historical Mansion.

Good views of the town from here

an old church that looks really intriguing

After visiting the mansion we continued on our way

past another church

which was unfortunately closed.

An interesting sign: 'it is forbidden to keep animals on a lead'.

and we arrived at Panayiotis Tetsis' house and studio. Our tour of the house was very enjoyable

We could see Leonard Cohen's house from the terrace

and this was our next stop

We then continued on our way, and at the Four Corners grocery store we turned right.

and from here onwards it was down hill.  Phew!

narrow alleyways

past another grocery store

this is a residential area

with a lot of airbnbs

the cats are everywhere

We reached this square with a lot of old eucalyptus trees

and suddenly, there was the sea - we had reached our destination

We see this building from Condylenias and it has always fascinated us: it used to be a taverna but now it's a sort of ship building materials store

reminds me of old buildings in Italy.

It's very peaceful here

On our right, Condylenia's

We stayed here for a while

and then started walking back on the coastal road that we had only used  in the evenings before

As we approached town, we could see preparations for a wedding

and as we had lunch by the water front we saw the bride on her way to the ceremony.

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