Monday 6 January 2020

The pools at Ryton Pools

A New Year's Eve walk in Ryton Pools

Lovely reflection in the big pool.

A few ducks in the water.

We circled the pool

a  winter landscape.

 We arrived at the sand martin wall which provides over 75 individual nesting compartments.

Sand martins are summer visitors to the UK. Their gregarious nature leads them to nest in, sometimes large, colonies of more than 100 pairs. They excavate tunnels in sandy, vertical banks. Both males and females make a horizontal tunnel 45-90 cm long with a chamber at the end. Suitable sites may be used for years. This wall will hopefully encourage these summer visitors to nest here.

A family of swans in the brook that connects the two large pools

a visit to the bird hide that looks into the smaller of the two large pools

not much activity here today

the sun, struggling to come out, reflected in the pool.

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