Wednesday 4 March 2020

Pulteney brige and riverside walk in Bath

One of the iconic features of Bath is Pulteney bridge and its weir. The best place to look at both is from this bridge

Pulteney bridge crosses the River Avon. It was completed by 1774, designed by Robert Adam in a Palladian style: it is exceptional in having shops built across its full span on both sides.

The iconic V-shaped design of this weir is quite breathtaking

Flood-lit at night the bridge looks as spectacular as during the day

Access to the riverside walk is from here

down these steps.

Once we descended we got a different view of the bridge and weir

as well as of the building across the water.

Before moving on we decided to try out the Beazer Garden Maze. Although called a maze, the design is technically a labyrinth; unlike a maze, which has a branching pattern, a labyring has only a single line, woven back and forth. It was designed by maze designer and labyrinthologist Randoll Coate in 1984. Coate designed over 50 mazes in England.

The maze is centred around a large Roman-inspired mosaic.

Ken was very happy to finish first.

We had a last look at the bridge and weir before moving on

It's a pleasant walk

ahead of us was another bridge

The sculpture of a harp

Eventually we retraced our steps and walked back into town.

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