Tuesday 10 March 2020

The Circus in Bath

The Circus in Bath is a short distance up the hill from Queen Square.

A circle of large townhouses, designed by architect John Wood, the Elder, built between 1754 and 1768, it is a pre-eminent example of Georgian architecture.

The Circus is divided into three segments of equal length, and it therefore has three entrances. There is a lawn in the centre. Each segment faces one of the three entrances, ensuring a classical fa├žade is always presented straight ahead.

When viewed from the air, the Circus, along with Queens Square and the adjoining Gay Street, form a key shape, which is a masonic symbol similar to those that adorn many of Wood's buildings.

The central area was originally paved with stone setts, covering a reservoir in the centre that supplied water to the houses. In 1880 the Circus residents enclosed the central part of the open space as a garden. Now, the central area is grassed over and is home to a group of large plane trees.

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