Saturday 13 June 2020

Hotel in Crescent, Bath

Another post from Bath from before lockdown.

I am not in the habit of featuring hotels in my blog, but this hotel is situated in the middle of 

the Royal Crescent in Bath, and having had a look inside, we were impressed with the garden, and I thought that posting about it provides a glimpse of the back of these town houses.

Two reception rooms

with the staircase in the middle, which leads to the rooms upstairs.

This is a big garden, beautifully landscaped

Unfortunately, I did not record the name of the artist, but I liked this sculpture

The buildings at the back of the garden include the bar, restaurant and spa

This is where the bar and restaurant are situated

Through this narrow door

into this quiet sitting area

it must be lovely sitting here in the summer.

a glass sculpture.

Back in the main garden

and we reached the spa and gym.

Lots of places to sit and contemplate.

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