Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Hampton Wood and Meadow

Hampton wood is an ancient woodland near Sherbourne, and we decided to go for a walk there after our visit to Sherbourne food festival which was three weeks ago.  Next to the wood is a meadow that is situated alongside the river Avon. Most of the woodland is dominated by oak and hazel, but it was the bluebells that were the star of the show.

We took this path

that leads to the meadow

sheep grazing, including two black lambs

the river on our left

a nice, gentle walk

cat o nine tails grasses abound

wonderful contrast of colours

The circular path lead us back to the wood

and the bluebells - a real feast for the eyes

They were everywhere

a thick carpet of them.

Hampton wood is a very small wood and we did not want to leave

we could not get enough of this brilliant blue on the woodland floor

so we kept going off on narrow paths which were not the designated path, but ones that people had created

needing as we did, to prolong this experience

Lovely combination of white and blue.

We eventually arrived back at the car park, got in the car and drove to 

All Saints church in Sherbourne, which was close to Sherbourne Park where the food festival was still going on. Unfortunately the church was locked but we walked around the grounds

and around the gorgeous pond.

Then, it was time to head back home.


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