Sunday 22 May 2022

Love Food

Love Food Festival

at Sherbourne Park.

The ha-ha that you can just about see in the photograph separated the house from the grounds where the festival was held

in various marquees and stalls.

Lots of lovely cheeses for sale,



a stall that sold Meditarranean food

which included nuts,

loukoumi (Turkish delight)

baklava and other honey sweets


and lots of other goodies.

More moonshine,

Pasta and pasta-related products delivered to your home

we loved the tins.

More nuts

Italian products which included saucepans and frying pans

I don't know about the Viking drinking horns - what can I say?

We tasted lots of cheeses

There were cheese boards

and charcuterie products to taste.

It was a beautiful, sunny day and people were enjoying themselves

The organic vegetables looked wonderful

and there were ... shoes for sale

There was kombucha 

and hemp products.

Lots of drinks, including cocktails.

The brownies were moist and very chocolatey

We then moved on to the next section of the festival where street food was sold

The queues for the Greek stall were very long

The tandoori looked delicious

more Mediterranean food

the noodles looked delicious and tasted it too, as Ken testified

more Greek food

and Lebanese.

The brownies were delicious

as was the Thai food.


fried chicken

giant sausages and hog roast

the sausages are very big as you can see.

There were pizzas too.

We managed to find somewhere to sit, and enjoyed our food. Ken had noodles with beef, I had Thai, and the two friends we were with had Greek wraps. We had brownies for afters. It was a good day.


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