Monday 5 February 2024

The art trail

Our first visit to Athens when we return to Greece consists of a walk in Kolonaki: we stop at some of the private galleries and see what's being exhibited.  I recently posted on some of the art we looked at which you can see here , here , here  and below is the rest.

Elli Koutsounelli, Dreaming of Trees, at Ekfrasi Gallery.

Anastasis Ioannou, Can't See the Trees for the Forest at Roma Gallery.

Ioannou studied theoretical physics and the subject of his research is quantum theory. 

Ink and Stone - a group exhibition at Zoumboulakis Galleries.

Dionisis Christofilogiannis

Melina Mosland (ceramic)

Kostis Velonis

Giorgos Gyparakis

Nikos Moschos

Antonis Donef - Symbols of Selflessness at Kalfayan Galleries.

These works are intricate, multilayered collages comprised of cut-outs from vintage maps which Donef collects: numerous strips are cut and pasted onto canvas thus creating overlapping layers that form geometric patterns. This deconstruction and reassembloing of extracts from different maps create new maps in which the official borders are interweaved and ultimately cancelled. They illustrate the current geopolitical turmoil around the world.

looking closer

looking closer

looking closer

looking closer


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