Thursday 25 January 2024

A light you do not forget - Katerina Serafetinidou

Katerina Serafetinidou - A Light You Do not Forget, at the Skoufa gallery, Athens.

Landscapes in hues from brown to grey, with a limited scale of low tones and subtle tonal gradations, that emphasize contrasts of light and shadow, changing light and atmosphere conditions. There is an emphasis on the play of light and darkness at dusk. In some, like Blowing Up the World, figurative elements coexist with abstract ones. I love her landscapes.

Serafetinidou studied Applied Economics and Marketing & Advertising in London and after returning to Greece she worked in advertising for over a decade before shifting her focus to her family's century-old carpet business, renowned for its rare collection of rugs. All through this period, she attended art history seminars, took private painting lessons and finally set up her own studio in 2012.

Horizon Passage, 2015, (acrylic on canvas)

Beacon Amidst the Waves, 2015, (acrylic on canvas)

Whispers of the Unknown, 2022, (mixed media on canvas)

Echoes from the Past, 2022, (mixed media on canvas)

Blowing up the World, 2023, (mixed media on canvas)

looking closer

looking closer


looking closer - all around the edge of the canvas, the dates and names of places where catastrophes due to climate change have occured

Landscape in Flux, 2011, (mixed media on canvas)

Urban Reverie, 2010, (acrylic on canvas)

Dawn: the Promise of the City, 2016, (mixed media on canvas)

Scarred Horizons, 2018, (mixed media on canvas)

Sculpted Earth Tones, 2023, (mixed media on canvas)

Urban Grid 2, 2008, (mixed media on canvas)

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