Saturday 30 July 2011


Another stunning dispaly at Antonello in Kolonaki

I have been photographing their window displays for years

and never tire of them.

Friday 29 July 2011


A new discovery: Athiri, in Gazi.

Fantastic garden. Delicious food. Michelin recommended.

And the price? The weekday offer is 25 euros for 7 courses and one glass of wine!

Need I say more?

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Graffitti, banners and placards

It has taken me a while to get all of this together, but here is some of the graffitti to be found around Athens at the moment, as well as some of the posters and placards that are still around Syntagma Square.

The picture is of a Third World child eating, the caption at the bottom says I ate it and someone has scribbled on top: they are talking about profits and damage and we are talking about human lives.

We are taking control of our lives: self rule, compassion, change

A list of all the MPs who voted for the mid-term plan and in red: Traitors

The end of fear

Let's take to the streets to break the terror

Thieves - on the marble exterior of a bank

We are only targetting banks and Ministries   (the exterior of another bank)

Crisis is when you are being surrounded by poverty and the police

Class uprising, not patriotic indignation

Cog of the beast, exhume the riot police  (I love the poetry of this one)

Life, not survival

Colour television, black and white life

and here is one in English

and another one

and another one (the arrow is pointing at a window with bars)

together we have had our fill of tear gas

Difficult to translate, but I included this one because of the picture of Che

Long live utopia

Special department of the Greek police: Open school for coppers - you can enrol too. Special offer!!!
* Free enrolment + your first baton so that you can beat your mother up. tel. 090-100-100-100

PIGS are the bankers and not peoples

End of  the present situation , magic life....

Waged labour is terrorism

We should become 'their' crisis

Saturday 23 July 2011

The G.I. Katsigras Collection

G.I. Katsigras was a doctor and avid art collector. His art collection, which he bequeathed to the Greek State, is normally housed at the Municipal Museum in Larissa

but is currently exhibited at the Theocharakis Foundation on Vas. Sofias Avenue in Athens

But first, a look at the sculpture outside the museum which is by Vassilis Theocharakis, sculptor and owner of the museum

the bench by Alekos Fassianos

the second bench, also by Alekos Fassianos

the shop is to your right in the lobby

as is this glass sculpture by Kostas Varotsos, whose sculpture The Runner has transformed Vas. Sofias Avenue

Man Harvesting, Umvertos Argyros

Theofrastos Triantafyllides, Excursion to Galatsi

 Konstantinos Maleas, Laurio

 Konstantinos Maleas, Delfi

Nikolaos Lytras, Ymittos

George Gounaropoulos, Bridge on the Seine

 Theofrastos Triantaphyllides, Girl with turkeys

Yannis Psychopedis, Demonstration

Yannis Morales, Landscape

Epaminondas Thomopoulos, The Sheperdess

Theofrastos Triantafyllides, The Violinist

and now it is time to leave. Isn't this floor amazing?  Doesn't it look like reflections on water?

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Black and White at the Frissiras Museum

The Frissiras Museum in Plaka is an extraordinary place. It used to be a group of dwellings built around a central courtyard with a well in the middle.

In 2000 it was all converted into a museum by architect Alaxandros Tobazis. The courtyard is now an atrium with exhibition rooms all around.

The original balconies of the dwellings are still here

this is the second floor and you can walk all around it

the third floor,  and the glass roof that now covers the old courtyard

The current exhibition is 'black and white'

Paula Rego, the Jane Eyre series, The Guardians - Up in the Tree

Paula Rego, Jane Eyre, Poetry and Story - Crying

Nikos Kessanlis, Untitled

Nikos Kessanlis, Untitled

Xenofon Bitsikas, Diptych

Vasso Katraki, Untitled

David Hockney, Untitled

David Hockney, Untitled.

Isn't the blue light created by the glass roof, extraordinary? The pictures in the atrium have this blue hue, and as for Ken standing on the balcony, he looks absolutely luminous - such a contrast with the pictures in the main exhibition rooms!