Saturday 9 July 2011

The art trail

One of the first things I do when I come to Athens is go to Kolonaki and have a look at my favourite private galleries.

We take the bus to Syntagma, which is currently full of placards and tents, and then we walk towards Kriezotou Street.

first stop Zoumboulakis Galleries, which has changed from selling prints, paintings and a few sculptures to being more of a design centre

getting ready for the beach, down to the pebbles on the floor!  Isn't that light wonderful?

Next stop the ADC centre on Valaoritou Street, to look at Eleni Varnadaki's fantastic ceramics.

these are huge! The only place you could put them is on the floor or the terrace.

this is another sphere but of a more manageable size

Next, Gallery Ekfrasi, still on Valaoritou Street. We were not very keen on what was exhibited here this time, so no photographs.

We only have to go next door for the Contemporary Greek Art Institute, which has replaced Nees Morphes gallery

'Le Corbusier Centre', by Nikos Haralambides, mixed media

and now we walk up Pindarou Str. and stop at Martinos antiques shop.

Chairs from Fratelli, Saporiti, c.1970

and another view

and now we move on to Skoufa Street, Skoufa Gallery, nothing very exciting this time

and on to Kolonaki Square and Zoumboulakis gallery where we hit the jackpot!

Two of my favourite artists are exhibiting here this summer and I was very pleased to see their new work.

Breathing circle, by Danai Stratou

Notia Akti 2, Tropical Seashore, by Christos Kechagioglou

I have been interested in Christos Kechagioglou's naif work for quite a few years now: I am fascinated by the bright colours, particularly the blues, his play with perspective and the dreamlike atmosphere present in his paintings.

Notia Akati 1, Veranda Lemon Tree, by Christos Kechagioglou

Flowers, by Christos Kechagioglou

Anatoliki Akti 2, Footpath, by Christos Kechagioglou

Varsanas, by Christos Kechagioglou

Photograph by Katerina Kaloudi

I love Katerina Kaloudi's photographs, particularly the 'Invisible Contacts' series from three years ago. She always photographs things to do with the sea. 'Invisible Contacts' consisted of photographs of rocks, last year's work was photographs of the sea and this year is what you see here: shapes on sand and a play with light and shadow - ingenious.

Photograph by Katerina Kaloudi

Photograph by Katerina Kaloudi.

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