Tuesday 19 July 2011

Black and White at the Frissiras Museum

The Frissiras Museum in Plaka is an extraordinary place. It used to be a group of dwellings built around a central courtyard with a well in the middle.

In 2000 it was all converted into a museum by architect Alaxandros Tobazis. The courtyard is now an atrium with exhibition rooms all around.

The original balconies of the dwellings are still here

this is the second floor and you can walk all around it

the third floor,  and the glass roof that now covers the old courtyard

The current exhibition is 'black and white'

Paula Rego, the Jane Eyre series, The Guardians - Up in the Tree

Paula Rego, Jane Eyre, Poetry and Story - Crying

Nikos Kessanlis, Untitled

Nikos Kessanlis, Untitled

Xenofon Bitsikas, Diptych

Vasso Katraki, Untitled

David Hockney, Untitled

David Hockney, Untitled.

Isn't the blue light created by the glass roof, extraordinary? The pictures in the atrium have this blue hue, and as for Ken standing on the balcony, he looks absolutely luminous - such a contrast with the pictures in the main exhibition rooms!

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