Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Graffitti, banners and placards

It has taken me a while to get all of this together, but here is some of the graffitti to be found around Athens at the moment, as well as some of the posters and placards that are still around Syntagma Square.

The picture is of a Third World child eating, the caption at the bottom says I ate it and someone has scribbled on top: they are talking about profits and damage and we are talking about human lives.

We are taking control of our lives: self rule, compassion, change

A list of all the MPs who voted for the mid-term plan and in red: Traitors

The end of fear

Let's take to the streets to break the terror

Thieves - on the marble exterior of a bank

We are only targetting banks and Ministries   (the exterior of another bank)

Crisis is when you are being surrounded by poverty and the police

Class uprising, not patriotic indignation

Cog of the beast, exhume the riot police  (I love the poetry of this one)

Life, not survival

Colour television, black and white life

and here is one in English

and another one

and another one (the arrow is pointing at a window with bars)

together we have had our fill of tear gas

Difficult to translate, but I included this one because of the picture of Che

Long live utopia

Special department of the Greek police: Open school for coppers - you can enrol too. Special offer!!!
* Free enrolment + your first baton so that you can beat your mother up. tel. 090-100-100-100

PIGS are the bankers and not peoples

End of  the present situation , magic life....

Waged labour is terrorism

We should become 'their' crisis


  1. You got the disease
    We got the solution

  2. Cog of the beast, exhume the riot police? What on earth does that mean?
    There was some graffiti in Athens along the lines of 'Eat meat, consume your local police officer' which I guess is always a standby in times of austerity.

  3. Is Plaka a bit like Free Derry then?

  4. If waged labour is terrorism, what is unemployment and poverty?