Sunday 30 July 2023


Edem is one of our favourite restaurants, not for the food, which is average, but because of the location and the views. We arrive early, it's still daylight, and there are lots of people swimming in the sea.

The sun has not gone down so the tables are empty, except for the odd tourist and us - as you can see, you can sit right on the sand, by the sea, and we always book early so that we get front row.


Then the sun starts going down and it's magic.

The sun sets are always spectacular

and people are still swimming.

Going, going ....


A lone canoeist.

Eventually it gets dark and that always seems to coincide with the arrival of our main courses - we sit well into the night and by then the place is packed out.


Tuesday 25 July 2023

Rhoda Bertz at Warwickshire Open Studios - 2023

Rhoda Bertz is a German artist who divides her time between Germany, the UK and France. She has been exhibiting at Warwickshire Open Studios since 2014.

She draws constantly and her drawing informs and feeds all of her work, however abstract or expressionist it might be. The work is mostly in oil. Since the 2020 lockdown, she has returned to making collages, where she rips her paintings up and assembles them afresh.

Windy Days, 2, (oil on canvas)

Windy Days, 3 (oil on canvas)

Windy Days 4, (oil on canvas)

Blue Night, (oil on paper)

Traces of Land, (oil on canvas)

Landscape 1, (oil on canvas)

Landscape 2, (oil on canvas)

Landscape 3, (oil on canvas)

Summer Day 2, (oil on canvs)

Summer, Day 1, (oil on canvas)

Sunday 23 July 2023

Warwickshire Open Studios 2023 - 2

 Warwickshire Open Studios 2023 - 2

More from Warwickshire artists exhibiting in their homes or selected venues.

Kay Elliott:

Wine Glass Full

Lotus Flowers

Simply Oriental

Abstracted Breakfast

Sheila Herring:

Eric Klein Velderman:

Angela Webb:

Chris Doherty:

Friday 21 July 2023

Warwickshire Open Studios, 2023 - 1

Warwickshire Open Studios, 2023 - part 1.

The second half of June is the time of year when artists in Warwickshire open the doors to their homes to showcase their work. It's always great fun.

Don Mason:

Don has moved away from landscape and is painting seascapes now - or should I say waterscapes. I really like his work.

Avril Leigh:

Avril sadly passed away in March. Her friends exhibited her work alongside theirs.

Nicola Richards:

Nicola's style has changed a lot over the years. This is her latest work.

Sally Larke: