Friday 29 October 2021

Attilio re-visited

I used to love visiting Attilio in Glyfada, and would pop in every time we visited the area. Unfortunately they closed down a few years ago, putting all their efforts into the shop in Ilioupoli. This was my second visit to the shop in Ilioupoli, mainly because it's out of our way, but also because I don't think this one is as good as the one in Glyfada. I knew they were having a new exhibition however, and popped in the other day to have a look. 

The exhibition was in the shop windows

sculpture by Stella Bakatsi

by Georgos Sepetzoglou

I had a look at the shop windows and then went inside. As you can see, there is far too much stuff, which makes having a look quite difficult - I was in the shop for a very long time

pomegranades (the Greeks' most revered fruit, signifying good luck) by Savina Basileiadi

Giorgos Pontikis

Demosthenes Kokkalis + Konstantina Pardali

Giorgos Pontikis

Giorgos Pontikis

Stella Bakatsi

Stella Bakatsi is one of my favourite Greek ceramicists, and her exhibition The Flow of Life was very memorable and the bead-like elements above, were the main component of the sculptures in that exhibition. I was also lucky to have visited another exhibition of hers which you can see here

Stella Bakatsi

Stella Bakatsi

Stella Bakatsi

I did not record the name of this artist, unfortunately, 

Giorgos Kokovlis

Giorgos Kokovlis

Giorgos Pontikis

I did not record the name of the artist who made this wonderful glass jug. As the shop attendant said: 'this is not a jug, it's sculpture'.

Liana Papaleksi

Nicholas Hatzis (etched and painted tin)

Nicholas Hatzis

Nicholas Hatzis (painted on Chios stone)

Nicholas Hatzis, (made out of frangosykia leaves - I don't know the English translation for frangosykia, and google was no help)

 Nicholas Hatzis, (made out of fragosykia leaves).

Wednesday 27 October 2021



I bought this last week at the market. 

This particular variety are called  Agiodemetriatika because their flowering coincides with the namesday of those called Dimitris.

Monday 25 October 2021

Sculpture exhibition at the Byzantine Museum

Sculpture exhibition at the Byzantine Museum.

This is the second sculpture exhibition at the Museum that we have been to. Situated on the terrace, at the back of the museum, it's great event to attend on a sunny day, after a walk around the wonderful gardens, followed by lunch in their restaurant. 

Demetra Stavrinidou, Harvest, 2011 (ceramic)

Aristides, Patsoglou, The Poet, 2011 (metal)

Helen Mudie-Ioannidou, At One..., 2011, (bronze and iron)

Evangelos Tymbas, No Return, 2019, (plaster, iron)

Altin Patselis, Worker, 2016, (plaster)

Elisavet Valvi, Monument for the Greek Immigrant, 2017, (plaster)

Maria Argyrakopoulou, Ruins, 2020, (marble, foam concrete)

Alexandra Patsoglou, Tower of Life, 2018, (metal)

Demetra Lambretsa, Erect Man of 2021, 2021, (mixed media)

Kostas Pagomenos, Trap, 2021, (recycled paper, plastic membrane)

Malamatenia Boudri, '... and for the measure of our heart, how much absence had been spent...' 2020-2021, (plaster)

Sebastiano Dobrozi, Man with his Dog, 2019, (plaster)

Yasemi Rapti, In Your Shoe, 2021, (shoes, plaster)

Vasilis Doropoulos, Resurgents of Freedom, 2021, (aluminium)

Toby Sort, Otrera, 2021, (welded concrete reinforcement-bar, cement base)

Maria Milioti, Sphynx, 2020, (stone from Thimiana)

Anastasia Nikolaou, Artemis, 2015, (iron, sea glass, sculpted mosaic)

Andreas Psarakos,  Figures 1, 2, & 3, (reinforcing bar, paper pulp, acrylic paint, resin)

Mania Adamopoulou, 2020-2021, (wood, surgical masks, waterproof varnish), 2021

Achileas Vasileiou, Sea, 2017, (marble)

Efi Fouli, Couple, 2019, (oxidised iron)

Giorgos Kevrekides, Love Birds Swing, 2014-2021

Tasos Rallis, Marriage, 2011, (wood, stone, marble, bronze)