Monday 18 October 2021

Meet Market

In the middle of a wasteland, vast and unforgiving, 

the Meet Market set up their stalls. Behind the stalls, the huge roadworks that have been going on for a year or so, a huge project that will expand access from the Athens Riviera to Pireus.  

At the other end, Floisvos Marina.

This wasteland will eventually become part of the Niarchos Cultural Centre extending it all the way to the sea. 

We came here on Saturday, midday - we thought this would be a good time when the market would be quiet, and we were right. It felt very safe, and I am sure that in the evening the crowds were horrendous.

All kind of makers were selling their products, 



some of it quite naff,

some functional

this bowl was extremely thin porcelain

Nut butters and other condiments

including tahini

and pasteli (sesame seeds bound with honey)

lovely wooden toys

embroidered bags

more pottery

herbs and herbal teas

sun glasses


flavoured honey

lavender products

handmade pasta


more handbags


We had a good look at all the stalls and then we walked down to Floisvos Marina. We marvelled at this huge yacht, that overshadows everything else in the marina, a monstrosity - who says that the rich aren't getting richer?

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