Wednesday 26 June 2019

Warwickshire Open Studios, 2019 - 3, Rhoda Bertz

Warwickshire Open Studios 2019 - Rhoda Bertz.

Rhoda Bertz is an abstract painter based in Germany. Due to family connections she is able to exhibit in Leamington, which is such a bonus for us.

The Fragments series:

Monday 24 June 2019

Warwickshire Open Studios, 2019 - 2

Warwickshire Open Studios, 2019 - 2

A wonderful venue, two artists exhibiting.

Hilary LaForce:

Hilary LaForce works with stoneware and porcelain. Some of her pieces are coil built, others are created by slip casting and slab building. What stands out about her pieces is the use of volcanic and crystalline glazes, the latter creating some amazing colours and effects. 

Tea bowl, (crystal glaze)

Tea bowls, (volcanic and white crystals)

Fragment from the sea

looking inside

looking inside

Pearl crystal dish

Nesting dishes

Nesting dishes

Receding Tide, (crystal and volcanic glazes)

Flared Vessel

Eroded Landscape

Mary Stenning:

Textile pieces inspired by landscape.

Inspired by the Tuscany landscape, this was my favourite, but too much reflection on the glass made this impossible to photograph.

Saturday 22 June 2019

Warwickshire Open Studios, 2019 - 1

Warwickshire Open Studios, 2019 - 1

It's that time of year, and over 300 artists have yet again, opened their doors to welcome visitors and to exhibit their art. I have been visiting some of venues.

Claire Seneviratne:

Claire Seneviratne's ceramics are made of porcelain and the majority are smoke fired.

Diana Fallows: