Monday, 23 January 2012


It is that time of year when the nerantzies, the bitter orange trees lining the streets of Athens

are bursting with fruit.

Bitter orange is the only translation I could find on Google for nerantzia. You cannot eat those oranges but their skin is used to make sweet, sticky, 'spoon' (as they are called here) sweets which are delicious

This, and the next two photographs are taken in Syntagma, in front of the Parliament building

This is in Kolonaki at the top of Pindarou Street

a very beautiful part of Athens.

These are also in Kolonaki, behind Euaggelismos hospital.



  1. I would have thought the Greeks had enough bitter fruits to eat these days without growing even more of them. They should probably add some syrup to the Troika's suggestions to make THAT bitter fruit more palatable too.

  2. The trees look magnificent...are they different from Seville oranges for marmalade making?

  3. They probably are Seville oranges Avril. I had not made the connection....