Monday, 16 January 2012

The new N. Hatjikyriakou-Gika Museum

The new N. Hatjikyriakou-Gika Museum on Kriezotou Street, yet another annex of the Benaki Museum, is not open yet.

We were surprised to see that the shop is

and what a pleasant surprise it was

the shop of the Pireos Street annex is the best museum shop I have visited

and this one looks equally good.

we liked the ceiling

as well as the merchandise.

This dish is by Thalia Georgouli

Thalia Georgouli again

new work in porcelain by Margarita Ekklisiarchou

Margarita Ekklisiarchou again

Two brooches by Juliette Polac - I want one of those!!!


  1. The brooches are stunning,how much are they...can I place an order if they are reasonably priced????

  2. Avril, you are now the proud owner of ...