Sunday, 1 January 2012

Tacita Dean at the Turbine Hall

'Film'  by Tacita Dean at the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern, part of the Unilever series.

An 11-minute silent, colour film, with sprocket holes and random filter flashes, it is shot using 35mm film, projected on to a vertical screen 13m high, so we feel like we are looking at a vast reel of film. The piece is intended to mourn and celebrate celluloid at a time when 16mm film is not even printed in the U.K. "This beautiful medium, which we invented 125 years ago, is about to go. How long have we got? I hope we've got a year to go."

The Turbine hall is plunged into darkness and at one end the film looks like the stained glass window of a cathedral.

By this stage all the kids that were sitting on the floor in front of the screen were jumping up and down trying to catch the red bubbles that were coming down the moving escalator

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