Wednesday 24 April 2013

Cafes in Belfast

We didn't eat out much in Belfast. The meal during our first evening was not very good at all, even though the place was recommended by the staff in our hotel, so I won't think about that. Our second evening was spent with family, the reason why we went to Belfast in the first place.

There were two cafes that were very good however,

Clements on North Street has very comfortable seating, so it is a little haven when tired from too much walking,

I remembered it from another visit to Belfast years ago and sitting there was as welcome as the first time.

Harlem on Bedford Street, is sublime.

It is extremely lovely

it is beautifully, tastefully decorated

with an intimate and cosy atmosphere

great attention to detail

delicious food

comfortable seating

helpful staff and efficient service

and amazing toilets

the toilet again

Amongst all the antiques

are lots of paintings


and photographs.

so many different styles all blending in beautifully together

It was a real pleasure having lunch here

One last look at that amazing window, from the inside this time.

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