Friday 26 April 2013

Ulster Museum - the collection

The Ulster Museum, Belfast. Some of the art in the collection of the museum.


The widest collection of modern ceramics in Northern Ireland is to be found here.

Meandra, Kristina Riska, 1991

Slalom, Michael Moore, 2009

Tall Bottle Form, Gordon Baldwin, 1983

Bottle, Janet Leach, 1960

Vase, Lucie Rie, 1983


Working Model for 'Oval with Points', Henry Moore, 1968-69

Crossed Legs, F.E. McWilliam, 1978

Humming Head, Carolyn Mulholland


...Morning Workers Pass..., Rita Donagh, 1977 (oil, newspaper on canvas)

During the 1970s Donagh worked on a series of paintings depicting the political situation in Northern Ireland. This work is one of a series she made under the general title Disturbance, inspired by press photographs taken after the bombing in Talbot Street, Dublin, in May 1974.  One of the photographs showed a victim's body lying on the street covered with newspapers, which you can see here . Donagh associated the event with the earlier death of her father, who collapsed in the street and, as the morning workers passed, his body had been moved out of the way by strangers.  Donagh intended the work to be a  message of universal mourning for the victims of all violence.

Tory Island, John Dixon

Home from the Mainland, Gerard Dillon

Painting in St Ives

We we were not allowed to take photographs in this gallery, so I have downloaded the pictures.

Abstract in Black, White, Maroon and Ochre

Abstract in Black, White and Indigo, Victor Pasmore, 1960-61

Painting, Ben Nicholson, 1935

Curved Form (Delphi)
Curved Form, Barbara Hepworth, 1955

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