Tuesday 30 April 2013

George's Dock Building, Mersey Tunnels

Between the Port of Liverpool Building and the Strand is my favourite building in Liverpool, an Art Deco architectural masterpiece. It's the George's Dock Ventilation and Control Station, a ventilation shaft for the first Mersey tunnel. As well as offices it contains huge fans that extract foul air and force clean air in. I was terribly disappointed that it is not open to the public but I had a really good wander all around it.

The central angular ventilation shaft dominates the building and takes the form of an obelisk. The building was designed by Basil Morr and J.A. Brodie with Herbert J. Rowse as architect.

It is a stunner.

The main entrance on the western side of the building - I love that shade of green.

'The Modern Mercury' above the main entrace - a futuristic stylised figure with pilot glasses and leather hat, it seems to accelerate skyward, with a strong imagery of speed: a modern Mercury indeed. I fell in love with it.

In line with Art Deco movement's interest in the architecture and art of Ancient Egypt following the discovery of the tomb of Tutankamun in 1921, two statues are to be found on each side of the main entrance which is below the Mercury.

Carved in black basalt, the Night and Day statues evoke the 24 hour life of the tunnel. So appropriate.

Moving around the building (which is being renovated at the moment) are the two lampposts in that seductive green again.

a closer look

looking at it from the Eastern side.

An Art Deco masterpiece.


  1. If you see only one building in Liverpool, make sure this is it.

    1. I couldn't agree more Nigel - it's a masterpiece.