Tuesday 12 August 2014

(Almost) full moon

We were looking forward to the August full moon, or sturgeon moon, or supermoon as the press have been calling it this year. The August full moon is always a big event in Greece and everyone goes out to admire and celebrate it; the newspapers and magazines give suggestions for the best places to go and most of the archaeological sites are open and unlit so that people can appreciate them under the glow of the bright, full moon.

We did not go out in the end despite all the plans we had made. We decided that the crowds would be too overwhelming, and given the chain-smoking obsession of people here (I even know someone who occasionally has two cigarettes on the go at the same time in case she misses a puff) the atmosphere can get toxic.

So we went out the next day, on the Monday, second best.... but still spectacular.

This was our first sighting and it was awesome - huge, orange, hanging over Vouliagmeni bay (which is part of the Athenian Riviera as described by the Guardian)

The glow on the water cast by the moon was golden to begin with

but turned silver as the moon rose higher in the sky

and got much wider as the night progressed.

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